Our agents are experienced real estate professionals. We carefully choose each agent in every market. We don't believe in bringing large numbers of agents on board with little to no experience in the hope they will stumble over a sale. Our agents are deliberate and targeted in their approach to listing and selling real estate.

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Our team works to market our lake specific properties to interested buyers. Matching buyers to sellers is what we do. Lakehomes.com is our difference maker, reaching buyers and sellers on over 3,000 lakes across the United States. We focus only on lake properties and we know the lake like no one else. Your Lake Homes Agent is the most knowledgeable professional in the lake marketplace.


Our agents live, work and play on the lakes they represent. You won't find a better resource on the local area around your desired lake. You'll see them at the grocery store and school events. They're members of the lake community. Our agents are invested in making you happy with the service they provide. After all, they're your neighbors!

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Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Time: Noon ET (11 AM CT/10 AM MT/9 AM PT)

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While your lake home is the gateway to life on the lake, it is also a significant financial investment. Like all investments, the market shifts and changes. Have you considered how to best safeguard your lake real estate investment?

Join us for unique insights about lake real estate and the way owners must think to avoid surprising losses and increase their value.

Lake Homes Realty’s CEO and lead economic analyst Glenn S. Phillips will present eight tips you need to know as we head into a sequence of unprecedented economic shifts.

In addition to serving as CEO and Chief Economic Analyst of Lake Homes Realty, Glenn speaks at national real estate and entrepreneurship conferences and is the author of the book, “Nerd to English: Your Everyday Guide to Translating Your Business, Your Messages, and Your Life." 

Lake Homes Realty, CEO, Glenn S. Phillips